Riddle Wimbish


Civility, Integrity, Creativity

With the passing of Richard W. Riddle, the law practice of Riddle & Wimbish, P.C. has permanently closed. We are grateful for the opportunity to have served our clients over the past 40+ years.

The Firm's custom and practice when a project was complete was to assure a client left with all documents s/he would need. Even though the office is closed and the Firm has shut down, if for some reason you believe there is something missing from your own records, or if a question arises about a final invoice, please call 918-494-3770 and leave a voicemail. Mr. Riddle's family will receive these messages and attempt to assist where we can, but what we can do is extremely limited. We cannot provide legal advice or answer questions about work the Firm did. We appreciate your understanding; and we are grateful to all of the Firm's former clients.